Let’s get some solid clarification on the timing of your meals. Not only do I not want you skipping meals, I also don’t want you “grazing” throughout the day. I don’t want you “eating small meals”—you know, the six-small-meals-to-boost-metabolism theory. I think that’s utter crap. When you snack throughout the day or eat many small meals, you release insulin. This insulin release promotes fat storage, because your body is trying to burn off and utilize a constant flow of sugar to the bloodstream from nonstop eating.
Also, we often don’t remember to count the small snacks we grab when considering our daily calorie allowance. Studies show that many people don’t feel satiated from a small meal, either, which can then cause them to overeat throughout the day to make up for that lack of satisfaction.
I want you to eat every four hours. There’s only one time of day when I want you to snack, and that’s between lunch and dinner. Your snack should be something substantive. Eating every four hours stabilizes your blood sugar, optimizes insulin production, and manages hunger—all of which are critical to weight loss and weight management.

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Just a friendly reminder for your fitness journey: Your muscles do not grow during exercise. Exercise is only the stimulus. The body strengthens the muscles while you are resting.  

So make sure that you give 100% with rest, just like you would give 100% exercising. 

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